Discover Culbin's extraordinary and ever-changing sandy forest landscape on foot, by bike or on horseback

Culbin's wildlife


Forest Insects (Invertebrates)

Look down and see the hectic activity on the forest floor - without the invertbrates, Culbin would be a less fertile place.

Beetles and ants
Tadpoles - part of the teeming life in one of the ponds at Culbin forest, Morayshire
Flies, moths and butterflies

Pondlife (dragonflies, amphibians etc.)

Without the ponds and pools at Culbin, the forest would be lifeless. Read more about the pondlife that abounds here.
Badgers, squirrels, seals and other mammals

An amazing variety of mammals, from sea to tree top

Natural Timeline

The natural timeline page outlines how Culbin's plants, wildlife and landscape have changed over the millenia and in recent history.