Tales from the forest

Inspiration, stories and an insider's glimpse into the world of Scotland's forests

Tales from the forest

Welcome to the Forestry Commission Scotland blog. Here you'll find inspiration, stories and an insider's glimpse into the world of Scotland's forests.

Beat the January blues: Events and activities near you


Walkers enjoying the view at Cardrona

The tree is down, the tinsel back in the box, and the leftover turkey is in the dog. What now? This year there are some cracking events and activities happening near you to take your mind off midwinter. We’ve gathered them all in one place, and paired them up with some of our favourite walks.

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Press play: How to preserve leaves and plants

markus spiske 773758 unsplash

Image by Marcus Spiske via Unsplash.

As the year draws to a close, you might think outdoor activities are off the table, but don’t be too hasty! Leaf pressing is a brilliant activity for autumn and early winter. Get out and capture the quiet beauty of the trees and plants in nature.

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'Tis the season! Christmas Tree Sales Centres open from 29 November


This week marks the start of our annual Christmas Tree sale at forests and visitor centres across Scotland, with the grand opening of Tyrebagger Christmas Tree Sales Centre, on Thursday 29 November (pictured - keen customers, taking their tree to the till!), and all of our other centres open on 1 December or soon after. Check here to find a centre near you.

Our staff are on hand to help you pick the right tree for your festive season - there’s nothing like the look, feel and scent of a real tree to bring on the Christmas spirit! Once you get your tree home, check out our Top 5 tips for looking after your Christmas Tree.

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Perfect pack lunches for Autumn explorers

Lunchbox by flickr buzzymelib

Photo: buzzymelibee via Flickr

With the October half-term approaching it's the perfect time to explore Scotland's forests at their finest. It’s when the landscape really comes to life in russet reds, brilliant oranges and dusty yellows of the season.

Whether you're foraging, stargazing, or visiting your favourite place you need to make sure you've got the energy to make the most of it. Read on to find out what to pack for a wild day out.

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Our top 3 spots for forest bathing


Photo: Max Pixel

Known in Japan as 'shinrin-yoku'  which translates as "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing" – was developed in Japan during the 1980s. It may sound simple, but forest bathing offers a timeless truth - time spent in a forest and amongst nature reduces stress and promotes a feeling of wellbeing. There is even a healthy body of research supporting the idea that forest bathing can help alleviate depression, stress and anxiety, lowering levels of the harmful 'stress chemical' cortisol, as well as having a positive effect on everything from blood pressure to your resting pulse.

Forest bathing was featured in the news this week, so we've written a very quick guide to our three favourite places to immerse yourself in the peaceful sights, sounds and sensations of the woods. If you've never tried it before, and want to find out more, the Shinrin-Yoku website has a ton of resources on offer, including a free 'starter kit' to help focus your mind and centre your body, while our partners Forest Holidays offer guided forest bathing experiences at some of their destinations.

The best thing about forest bathing is that it is free, easy to get into, and anyone can do it – so without further ado, here are our top 3 spots for forest bathing in Scotland...

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Trail Blazers: Ruari Watt & Andy Wardman


At Forestry Commission destinations across Scotland, mountain biking is one of the most enduringly popular outdoor activities. Nothing beats the thrill of an adrenaline-charged downhill dash!

Scottish mountain bikers and overseas visitors have a range of different challenges, terrains and organised races to choose from, right in their backyard, from Laggan Wolftraxx near Aviemore and Moray Monster Trails in the North, to the 7stanes Mountain Biking centres dotted throughout the south. Providing a base for the country’s world-renowned MTB culture, the network of trails is constantly maintained, upgraded and developed. Supervising this process are trail grader Ruari Watt, and mountain bike ranger Andy Wardman.

Ruari and Andy and their colleagues post regular updates and videos on their activities over on the 7stanes Facebook page, which offers a fascinating insight into the hard work, resources and volunteer hours that go into this vital trail maintenance. Both advanced trail riders, they offered to give us a few tips and tricks - and a run-down of the races and events coming up at our destinations over the next few months.

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Six must-see shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

fringe2018 Credit David Monteith Hodge

Image: David Montieth-Hodge | Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

The Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe Festival is upon us! Your loyal friends at the FC Scotland blog are making their way through the crowds each morning to get to their desks at Silvan House, and bring you the news from Scotland’s forests. While we’d often rather be visiting a Forest Park or messing about in the woods with the family, there’s no denying that for the duration of the Festival, Edinburgh is a carnival of wonders. The trick is knowing what to see. How to pick the right show from the thousands vying for your attention?

Our team have picked out six of the best shows at the Fringe this year, all with a woodland, wildlife, conservation or countryside connection. There’s something for everyone here, from storytelling to puppetry, from experimental theatre to a musical, and a brilliant kids show. We hope you’ll find something to enjoy - and if the crowds get too much for you, you can always hit the forests!

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A guide to Scotland's Forest Parks


Forest Parks are the jewel in the crown of Scotland's forests. Lush, verdant woodlands containing stunning areas of natural beauty rich in wildlife and plant species, our six Forest Parks play a vital role in the nation's economy, attracting visitors from all over the world. They are also at the heart of our communities, offering space for natural play, exercise, or leisure pursuits, from daily dog walks to daring downhill mountain bike trails.

While there are plenty of beautiful woodlands in and around our towns and cities, our Forest Parks offer something special. You can explore dozens of sites of particular historic and cultural significance, with well-equipped Visitor Centres on hand to provide resources like maps, bike hire, and top-notch food and drinks. With events, education and play opportunities for children, our staff will always provide a warm, friendly welcome.

Here's a quick guide to our six forest parks, with a few choice highlights picked out. Click through to the links below to find out more about each destination or activity. With the beautiful weather continuing, it's the perfect time to visit this summer, and start your forest adventure! What are you waiting for...?

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Go Wild: Summer Events in the Forest!


With Scotland currently enjoying its hottest summer since records began, there's no excuse for staying home all day this July and August. The summer holidays are the perfect time to  explore Scotland's best-loved wild places. With a little planning, its easy to find the perfect picnic spot, or activities that won't break the bank. Why not get outside and soak up some of that lovely and much-needed Vitamin D?

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