Woodland Expansion Advisory Group

In Scotland there are competing demands for the use of land. Woodland expansion is one of these.

The Scottish Government wants to increase woodland cover, but in a way that integrates with other land-based objectives. For example, we need to ensure food production can flourish at the same time as we plant more trees.

The Woodland Expansion Advisory Group (WEAG) was set up to find a constructive, practical and balanced way forward. It held representatives from Confederation of Forest Industries, National Farmers Union Scotland, National Sheep Association, Scottish Government, NGOs and Scottish Land & Estates.

The group presented a Final Report (PDF 1.7Mb) to Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment. The report of the WEAG group was guided by the approach set out in the Land Use Strategy, proposing a new direction for woodland creation that is more integrated, diverse, inclusive, productive, positive and resilient, and which takes account of the woodlands we already have.

The 2016 final progress (PDF 102KB) report recognises that progress has been made across many areas to move towards a more integrated approach to land use and management