National Committee for Scotland

The role of the Forestry Commission National Committee for Scotland (NCS), which is established under s. 2(3) of the Forestry Act 1967 and includes the relevant Forestry Commissioners, certain designated senior Forestry Commission Scotland staff and up to three other non-executive members, is to:

  • help Forestry Commission Scotland formulate advice to Ministers on the strategic direction of forestry in Scotland and on specific policy issues;
  • help ensure that the Minister's policies are carried out efficiently and effectively.

In fulfilling this role, the NCS should pay particular regard to:

  • approving drafts of strategic documents such as the Scottish Forestry Strategy Implementation Plan and corporate plans, and considering targets in the context of these plans;
  • the use of grant aid, advice, partnership, regulation and the management of Scotland's national forest estate as instruments for promoting the sustainable management of Scotland's woods and forests;
  • considering the distribution of resources required to meet objectives and monitoring financial performance;
  • ensuring the safeguarding of resources through internal control systems;
  • approving drafts of Annual Reports;
  • drawing to the attention of the Board of Commissioners any issues of which they need to be aware of for the proper discharge of their duties.

The NCS is also expected to maintain contact with relevant organisations and stakeholders through, for example, joint meetings with other Boards and (at least) annual meetings with the chairs of the Regional Forestry Forums.

The NCS will use the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) as a sub-committee to support them in their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance and associated assurance. The NCS may also form time limited sub-committees/working groups for specific issues.


  • Amanda Bryan (Chair) - Non-Executive Committee Member, Forestry Commissioner
  • Henry Graham - Non-Executive Committee Member
  • Jon Hollingdale - Non-Executive Committee Member
  • David Gould - Non-Executive Committee Member
  • Jo O'Hara - Head of Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Trefor Owen - Interim Chief Executive, Forest Enterprise Scotland
  • Nicky Whitaker - Head of Corporate Services, Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Claire Martin - Secretary to the National Committee


Forestry Commission Scotland Audit and Risk Committee