Mapping standards

Felling Licence maps

The maps that you provide form an integral part of your Felling Licence application and will be used as part of your Felling Licence.

Ordnance Survey maps

You must use an up-to-date Ordnance Survey (OS) map, or mapping of a similar standard and detail. You must use originals or good quality copies, i.e. paper maps, unless you have access to digital mapping software enabling you to produce maps to the required standard, in which case, you can submit maps in JPEG format.

Where can I get a map?

Paper maps and digital data are available from Ordnance Survey and their partners. Further details are available from Ordnance Survey at Telephone: 08456 05 05 05.

What about copyright?

Any organisation or person wanting to copy Ordnance Survey based maps for their own business or private use must either be licensed by the Ordnance Survey, or apply for permission each time a copy is required and keep to the terms of that permission.

It is the responsibility of the applicant (or the agent acting on his/her behalf) to ensure that any copyright responsibilities are met. The Ordnance Survey provides licences to many bodies (e.g. local authorities, various professional organisations and business firms, etc.) and to individual customers who have a regular need to copy OS material.

To apply for a licence or for further information contact Ordnance Survey Customer Information on 08456 05 05 05.

How should I mark the maps?

Your maps must be marked clearly and accurately and be consistent with the details given in your felling licence application. The following points apply to both hard copy maps and those which are supplied electronically in JPEG format.

Your map(s) must:

  • be produced on an up-to-date Ordnance Survey map or mapping of a similar standard and detail
  • be at an appropriate scale between 1:10,000 and 1:5,000. You should use 1:2,500 or 1:1,250 scale for smaller areas requiring clarity
  • have a title, scale and legend to clearly identifiy what you have marked on the map
  • not have any map detail hidden by folds, labels or marks
  • have the OS grid reference of the centre of your application area marked.

You must clearly and accurately mark the boundary of your felling operations and clearly identify the type of felling taking place. If the point of access to the area is not obvious, please show this on the map.

Example map

Felling licence map standard example (PDF 400k)