Carrick Estate

The Screening meeting document, our formal EIA Opinion and the working version of the Environmental Statement (ES) and Annexes cover the potential impacts arising from a proposal to establish mixed woodland over a gross area of about 1526 hectares of former open hill grazings and in-bye land on Carrick Estate, near Lochgoilhead, (NGR NS180950).  Various planting and timber haulage maps are also listed.

  1. Environmental Statement (PDF 398k)
  2. Summary of Environmental Statement (PDF 8k)
  3. Annex A - Archaeology Report (PDF 325k)
  4. Annex C - Ecology Report (PDF 2.1Mb)
  5. Annex D - Vegetation Summary Table (PDF 11k)
  6. Annex D - Habitat Areas (Excel 53k)
  7. Annex E - Ecological Site Classification (PDF 1.6Mb)
  8. Annex F - Bird Survey (PDF 1.3MB)
  9. Annex G - Deer Management (PDF 85k)
  10. Annex H - Critical Load Exceedance Assessment (PDF 32k)
  11. Annex K - Floating Pier Facility at Carrick (PDF 566k)

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