Scottish forest industries and timber resources

Our forest industries have come a long way. Once focused on war-time timber supply, Scottish forestry has matured into a dynamic, low-carbon sector that enriches our economy.

Economic contribution to Scotland

The Scottish forestry sector is successful and growing. Modern forest industries include sustainable construction, pulp and paper, woodfuel and bio-energy, research and innovation, recreation, tourism and more.

In total, the sector contributes nearly £1 billion GVA* to Scotland's economy every year.

So the more activity there is in the sector, the greater the economic, climate and environmental benefits could be.


Sustainability underpins modern forestry. It means more than just replanting trees to replace those that we harvest. It also means thinking about the long-term impact of altering an area of forest and responsibly producing a valuable resource whilst preserving forests for future generations.

Supporting Scottish timber

We're helping Scotland make the most of its timber resource by: