Path repairs underway as felling completed – Callendar Wood

Forest Enterprise Scotland has completed felling operations within Callendar Wood, with work to repair the path network beginning in the next few weeks. 

The felling is part of a carefully thought out and long-term plan to restore the popular woodland with native broadleaves alongside the many conifers found there.

The restoration work will improve the views within the woodland, enhance the heritage features and create a better visitor experience.

Local contractors based in Denny – Scottish Woodlands and Fergusons - have been used to carry out the felling work.

John Ogilvie of Forest Enterprise Scotland said:

“The careful work taking place within Callendar Wood will breathe new life into the forest. This will make positive environmental and social changes in the longer term.

“The thinning out of the woodland is an important part of this transformation process and the recent felling will help produce better quality timber in the future.

”I would like to thank the local community for all their patience and understanding during these works.”

In total, around 1,500 tonnes of wood was harvested during the felling operations with around two thirds being from conifers.

The majority of this timber will be sent to local markets for firewood and chipwood. Some of the logs will be sent to Windymains Timber near Edinburgh and further afield to Ayrshire.

David Cousins, Harvesting Manager with Scottish Woodlands added:  

“We were very pleased to work on this job with our contractor Fergusons as we do have a history with Callendar Wood.

“We were involved in the thinning operations nearly 10 years ago so it is good that we can continue to help maintain its character as well as its timber production for the future.”

Notes to editors

  1. Forest Enterprise Scotland is an agency of Forestry Commission Scotland and manages the National Forest Estate on behalf of Scottish Ministers.
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