Orienteering world championships put Affric on global stage

A major orienteering event is soon to kick off in Inverness and Moray and Forest Enterprise Scotland’s team has thanked event organisers for helping to promote biosecurity.

The World Orienteering Championships and the Scottish 6 Days orienteering event will take place between 31 July and 8 August.

As many as 5,000 athletes from across Europe will take part in events staged at Inverness, Forres, Nairn, Glen Strathfarrar and Darnaway with the final days events being held in Glen Affric.

Jack Mackay, for Forest Enterprise Scotland in Inverness said:

“These two top events are world class and as such are bringing the world’s best orienteerers to our door and they will be running through a world class landscape for their final day.

“Some will have experienced it before, but for many, this will be their first experience of the amazing space that is Glen Affric with its remnant Caledonian pine forest giving the place and other-worldly feel.

“It’s a landscape that needs to be protected and that’s why we’re grateful for the support of event organisers in helping us to promote biosecurity. It’s something that we’ll be promoting to all forest visitors but having the support of prestigious events like these is a great way to get our message out there. ”

Scotland’s forests area under threat from a number of pests and diseases that can travel from one forest to another in dirt on shoes, car and bike tyres and even animals paws or hooves.
In a bid to slow the spread of such threats and to keep forests healthy, Forest Enterprise Scotland is urging all forest visitors to ‘Keep it Clean’ – and brush down shoes, tyres and kit before visiting any forest.

Jack added:

“The area is going to get a massive boost from the thousands of competitors, family and friends that will be here over that week, and with the event being televised, a world-wide audience will get a flavour of what Glen Affric is all about.

“That might inspire some to come and visit in person so everyone who takes that moment now to ‘Keep it Clean’ will be helping to keep our forests in good health and in good condition, ready to welcome the next visitors."

Competitors from all over the World, including from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Switzerland, Belgium will take part in events throughout the week.
For more information about both events, visit http://www.woc2015.org/ and http://www.scottish6days.com/2015

Notes to editors

  1. Forest Enterprise Scotland is an agency of Forestry Commission Scotland and manages the National Forest Estate.
  2. Tha FCS pàirt de Bhuidheann-Stiùiridh Àrainneachd is Coilltearachd aig Riaghaltas na h-Alba; a' riaghladh nan 660,000 heactairean ann an Oighreachd na Coille Nàiseanta, a' dìon, a' cumail smachd air, agus a' leudachadh choilltean gus buannachdan a choileanadh dha coimhearsnachdan, dhan eaconamaidh agus ag obair an aghaidh atharrachadh sa ghnàth-shìde.
  3. The Scottish Six Days event is overseen by the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company, and organised by all of Scotland’s orienteering clubs. Highland 2015’s central organising clubs are Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club & Inverness Orienteering Club.

    4.  The World Orienteering Championships will draw elite competitors to the area, whilst the Scottish 6 Days Orienteering event (“the 6-Days”) - the largest orienteering event in the UK - is designed to appeal all ages and skill levels, from elite athletes to newcomers and to provide the highest quality orienteering over the week.

    5.  The ‘6 days’ is staged in different parts of Scotland every two years, it typically attracts around 4000 competitors plus additional families and friends, bringing an enormous economic boost to the local area.

6.  Sponsors include Tunnocks, Walkers Shortbread, Forest Enterprise Scotland,  RAF Lossiemouth and NFU Mutual.

7. Media enquiries to Steve Williams, Forestry Commission Scotland press office, 0300 067 6508 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.