By 2020, the Scottish Government wants to generate 100% of Scotland's gross annual electricity consumption from renewables. This is part of its strategy for improving sustainability and reducing climate change.

What we're doing

To meet this goal, we aim to install 1.2GW of renewable energy capacity on the National Forest Estate by 2020. Most of this will be from wind and hydro power. We're working in partnership with commercial organisations and community groups. We've installed over 999MW of capacity, and are continuing to investigate renewable potential.

We aim to develop renewable schemes to:

  • contribute to the government's renewable energy target
  • benefit local communities
  • maximise financial returns from the estate
  • achieve a sustainable balance with our other goals

As well as renewables, we support the expanding wood fuel and bio-energy sector. We're working to increase Scottish forestry's contribution to tackling climate change.

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