North Tummel land management plan covers Errochty and Allean forest blocks, which are located on the north shore of Loch Tummel. This plan includes Queens View Visitor Centre, a number of historical sites and has a high level of environmental interests. It also forms a key part of the National Scenic Area as well as producing a continual flow of productive timber.

allean panorama


This plan has undergone a full review and is on the public register for consultation and public comment.

Land management plan documents and maps

  • Location map – forest blocks included in this land management plan.
  • Draft North Tummel LMP summary
  • Management Coupe map - planned future felling and management
  • Restocking Coupe map - planned future species 
  • Current Species map - crop composition as of 2018
  • Thinning map - future thinning areas
  • Access & Timber map
  • Silvicultural systems map - description of stand management
  • Viewpoints map - locations where landscape visualisations have been made from

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