The Dyce woods land management plan was approved on 11th April 2016 and runs until 11th April 2026.

Dyce Woods encompasses two forest blocks: Kirkhill and Parkhill.

Kirkhill covers an area of 494 ha located approximately 5 miles north-west of Aberdeen between Blackburn and Dyce. Parkhill Wood covers an additional 43.5 ha located to the north of Aberdeen, near the suburbs of Dyce and Bridge of Don.

For Tyrebagger and south Kirkhill the primary objective is the management of the woodland to provide a recreational resource for Aberdeen and the surrounding area. This includes the maintenance and enhancement of the Tyrebagger Christmas tree sales centre, a key public engagement mechanism for the district.

For north Kirkhill and Parkhill the primary objective is the production of a quality crop of timber.

dyce cover photo

Approved land management plan text and maps