Forests are great places for a walk. Sunlight dapples the path with shifting patterns; delicate ferns, wildflowers and soft mosses carpet the ground; and birds sing you on your way. As the path winds through the trees, new views open up round every corner. And if the weather’s not quite as good as you’d like, woodlands have plenty of shelter from the wind and rain.

Waymarked trails

Our waymarked trails follow graded paths so you can find one that’s just right for you. Many forests have easy access routes. All trails have clear signs so you can follow the route even if you’ve never visited the forest before.

If you fancy heading out on your own, there are miles of forest tracks and un-signed paths to discover: you can walk anywhere you like in Scotland’s forests. If you do go exploring off the marked trails, take a large-scale map to help you find your way.

Four-legged friends

Dogs love forests too. They’re very welcome in the woods, and for many dog owners their local forest is the perfect place to unwind with their faithful friend.

Out on the hills

Many of Scotland’s classic hill walking routes lead through forests to some of the country’s most impressive scenery. Check our tips on hill walking to help you enjoy it.

Responsibility, respect and care

We’re lucky to have open access to the countryside in Scotland. You have the right to walk, run, cycle or ride a horse across most land (except somebody’s back garden, of course), as long as you:

  • take responsibility for your own actions
  • respect other people’s interests and activities
  • take care of the environment

For more details, check out the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.