Cnoc nam Dubh Leitre (Druim Tighe Mhic Gille Chattan)

Druim Tighe Mhic Gille Chattan was once the location for fairs on the Isle of Mull in the 18th and early 19th century.

CnocnamDubhLeitre township

At the fairground site, traders came from all over Mull and the surrounding islands to sell their cattle and horses.

The week-long cattle fairs happened twice a year, in May and October, while the horse fair was in August. John Ramsay of Ocheryre, on attending the fair in the late 18th century, described it as: "the most considerable in the West Highlands".

If you walk through the forest clearing today, it is difficult to imagine the busy fairground Druim Tighe once was.

Look closely, however, and you will begin to see the remains of rectangular foundations built from turf. These foundations indicate the locations of the tents, probably made from blankets, of those who came to sell their cattle or horses. There may have been over fifty tents here during the fair.

Visiting Cnoc nam Dubh Leitre

The exact location of Cnoc nam Dubh Leitre is grid reference NM 489 454.

The site is on the Island of Mull and has no official access. You can, however, park on the road, halfway between Salen and Dervaig, and walk up the fire break to a clearing where Cnoc nam Dubh Leitre is located. There is little to see, so you will need a map to locate the site, and the approach is marshy. Wear waterproof boots.

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