Woodland grazing toolbox

Woodland grazing toolbox


The assembly of this toolbox was coordinated by Forest Research and funded by Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage.

The following people developed the toolbox:

  • Helen Armstrong (Forest Research) – project concept and co-ordination, technical input
  • Bob Black (Argyll Woodlanders) - toolbox design and co-ordination, technical input
  • Peter Crow (Forest Research) - technical archaeological input
  • Kate Holl (Scottish Natural Heritage) - project steering, technical input
  • Jane Jones (Forestry Commission Scotland) – technical input
  • Nick Mainprize (Forestry Commission Scotland) – project steering
  • Meg Pollock (Scottish Agricultural College) – technical input
  • Mike Smith (Forest Research) – project concept and technical input
  • Lucy Sumsion (National Farmers Union, Scotland; formerly Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group Scotland) - technical input
  • Phil Taylor (Beats! Design) - initial web page design and implementation
  • Richard Thompson (Forestry Commission Scotland) – project concept, technical input

Many woodland managers and advisers provided feedback on an early version of the Toolbox.

The photograph of a wild boar piglet on the home page was taken by Liz Balharry. The photograph of unbrowsed wood rush was taken by Bob Black and the photograph of topiaried holly was taken by Miles Newman. All the other photographs in the Toolbox were taken by Richard Thompson.

The Toolbox builds on work done by the West Highland Woodland Grazing Project, especially their Woodland Grazing Toolkit, produced in 2005.

The Toolbox and toolkit both owe a debt to Grazing Management Planning for Upland Natura 2000 Sites: A Practical Manual, published by the National Trust for Scotland in 1998.