Looking after your Christmas tree

family with staff member looking at real christmas tree

How to care for your tree

Now you've chosen your tree, follow some of our top tips to keep it at its glorious best throughout the festive season.

  • When you get home, stand your tree in a bucket of water and keep it in a cool place like a garage or shed until it's ready to take indoors for decorating.
  • Before you move the tree inside, cut off at least one inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the trunk and gently shake to remove any loose needles.
  • Use a special stand (available from all our centres) and pot the tree with the trunk immersed in water, but not with sand or soil, because this will stop water being absorbed.
  • Put your Christmas tree in the coolest part of the room, ideally next to a window.
  • Water daily - looking this good is thirsty work.