Four forests surround Bennachie, one of Aberdeenshire’s best-loved landmarks. Each has its own atmosphere and unique character: come back time and again until you find your favourite.

As well as beautiful woodland, grand views and rich wildlife, the woods and hills are full of stories, from tales of squabbling giants to pioneering settlers who set up an early commune on the slopes.

Our map of Bennachie (5MB) will tell you more and give you details of all the trails.

Throughout spring Bailies of Bennachie will be running free courses on how to identify and survey mammals, birds and plants. More information at the Bennachie Centre.

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Bennachie Centre

If you’ve never been to Bennachie before, start here. You can follow trails from a quiet potter though the trees to an all-day hike, and discover Bennachie’s stories in the visitor centre.


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Back o’ Bennachie

There’s plenty of space here for a barbecue or to play with a frisbee or a football. When you want to explore, trails will lead you through atmospheric forest or up to the high hills.

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Quiet routes from Donview lead into the wilds, or you could just enjoy a drive and a picnic beside the river Don.


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Many people reckon the best trail to the top of the hill starts from here, following an ancient track used in Pictish times.