The water framework directive

The EU Water Framework Directive (or WFD) is transposed into Scots law as the Water Environment & Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003 (WEWS). Forestry Commission Scotland is designated a ‘responsible authority’ under the WEWS Act, and the principles and obligations of the WFD are central to what we do.

Our Conservancies are represented on all of Scotland’s Area Advisory Groups, which work to improve water quality though land management and land use change.

We operate a prioritised programme of work to implement the WFD on the National Forest Estate. This work is scheduled according to the timescale of River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) ‘cycles’ and is designed to achieve specific objectives. Work includes removing non-native commercial conifer stands that are planted too close to a watercourse and reducing siltation from harvesting sites. A recent review of our WFD work programme on the National Forest Estate found all the commitments we’d made are either completed or on-target and on-track.