Our policies

This page provides our key policy documents and links to further details where appropriate. Policies are grouped as follows:

Environment and climate change


Business development


Environment and climate change

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Climate change programme

Describes what the Commission will do to increase the contribution and response of Scottish forestry to the challenges of climate change.


Policy on control of woodland removal

Describes the policy direction for decisions on woodland removal in Scotland.

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Scottish Government's rationale for woodland expansion

The rationale for woodland expansion lays out the Scottish Government’s thinking on how woodland expansion can best increase the delivery of public benefits from Scotland's land.

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Planning for forestry and woodlands

Provides guidance to planning authorities on preparing new forestry and woodland strategies to guide woodland expansion, and on how to integrate forestry and woodlands into new development plans.


Woods for nature: our biodiversity programme

Summarises our current work to enhance or conserve biodiversity, by managing the national forest estate and encouraging good practice and conservation projects in private woodlands.


Scotland's woodlands and the historic environment

Outlines how the forestry sector can tap into Scotland's rich cultural heritage and help develop historic sites - including designed landscapes and ancient woodlands.



Read details of our commitment to working with communities.

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Woods in and around towns (WIAT)

The WIAT programme provides the focus for Forestry Commission Scotland's work on improving quality of life in towns and cities.


Woods for health strategy

Woods for Health demonstrates Forestry Commission Scotland's commitment to health improvement.


Woods for learning - education strategy

Outlines our approach to working with young people both in and outside of school. It provides the foundation for FCS to develop lifelong learning programmes, especially through recreation and health.


Business development


Non-timber forest products policy

Outlines how responsible and sustainable management of products such as berries, lichens, fruits nuts and fungi could bring substantial benefits to rural communities, small businesses and landowners.


Supporting business development strategy

This document provides a strategic framework for supporting business development on the Forestry Commission Scotland estate, and for stimulating wider economic development in the Scottish forest industries.

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