Felling licences for planners

planning chainsawThe Forestry Act (1967), as amended, requires landowners to apply for a licence for the felling of growing trees.


Certain types of felling do not need permission from Forestry Commission Scotland.

Felling authorised by planning permission

Where full planning permission authorises the felling of trees on a development site, no further consent is required under the Forestry Act 1967 (as amended), however, the approved planning permission must expressly specify tree felling and should also be recorded on the map/plan.

Felling without a licence or valid permission

Developers should note that any felling carried out without either a licence or other valid permission is an offence under Civil Law. This can mean, on conviction, a fine of up to £2,500 (level 4 on the standard scale) or twice the value of the felled trees, whichever is higher, with the conviction being recorded.

Contact your local Forestry Commission Scotland office if you are not certain whether exemptions apply.

More information and felling licence application forms