Woods for health – our health strategy

Scotland has one of the greatest health challenges of Europe's developed nations. Forestry Commission Scotland and the whole forest sector can contribute positively to the health agenda.



Woods for Health strategy

Woods for Health (PDF 3.3Mb) shows Forestry Commission Scotland's commitment to health improvement. The focus is on making local woodland accessible and welcoming – helping people build healthy activity into their daily lives.


Woods for Health action plan

The Woods for Health action plan (PDF 488KB) sets out how the Woods for Health strategy will be implemented between 2013 and 2015.

Hospital green space case studies

These case studies look at projects in Dundee and Golspie to encourage the use of green spaces in hospitals.

Briefing notes

Outdoor health and wellbeing case studies

The publication Greenspace Design for Health and Wellbeing(PDF 6.3M) was commissioned in 2012 by the Forestry Commission and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

The publication included a number of case studies illustrating good practice across the UK.

Forests and dementia

Mandy Cook, a PhD student with the University of Dundee has carried out an initial study on dementia and the woodland environment. The research looks at how green space can help those affected by early stage dementia, through creating meaningful experiences and increasing feelings of self-worth.

The research is supported by Scotland-focussed case studies on dementia and the woodland environment.