Climate change policies and actions

The Forestry Commission Scotland climate change programme (PDF) develops our commitments, made in the Scottish Forestry Strategy, to increase the contribution and response of Scottish forestry to the challenges of climate change, and focuses on what needs to be done in the coming years.

This programme explains the actions that the Commission will do to help to take forward the commitments on climate change mitigation made in:

  • Low Carbon Scotland (the Scottish Government’s report on policies and proposals for meeting the emissions reductions targets), and
  • The Scottish Adaptation Programme (the Scottish Government’s programme for adaptation to climate change)

Other resources

In addition to the resources for forest managers produced by Forestry Commission Scotland, other parts of the Forestry Commission have produced useful climate change information:

Options for using the National Forest Estate for climate change mitigation measures

In March 2009 it was announced that Forestry Commission Scotland would work to develop a number of options to ensure Scotland’s national forests make a bigger impact on tackling climate change.

These options included developing joint ventures on renewable energy projects. This followed Scottish Ministers asking Forestry Commission Scotland, in November 2008, to consider options for using the assets of the national forest estate to help fund forest-related climate change mitigation measures. This report was prepared in parallel with consultation on forestry provisions in the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill.

Joint action on climate change

Forestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Historic Scotland are all government funded organisations with responsibilities for different aspects of Scotland’s environment and heritage. They have come together to make a joint statement on climate change.