Climate change

Climate change and forestry

To help to mitigate the effects of climate change, Scotland has a target of an 80% reduction in gas emissions by 2050, and forestry has a significant role to play in achieving that target.

Forestry can contribute through:

  • Locking up carbon in growing trees and creating more woodlands
  • Supporting the use of wood fuel and renewable energy as a substitute to fossil fuels
  • Promoting the use of wood in place of more carbon-intensive materials
  • Promoting sustainable forest management

Forestry Commission Scotland has an ambitious target to extend woodland cover in Scotland by an additional 100,000ha over the period 2012-2022. This would make a significant contribution to Scotland's overall emission reduction targets by locking up around 4 million tonnes of extra carbon dioxide by 2027, whilst also providing a range of other environmental, economic and social benefits.

Forestry Commission Scotland climate change programme

climate change cover image

Our climate change programme explains what Forestry Commission Scotland will do over the coming years to increase the contribution of forestry to Scotland's climate change response, and to meeting the Scottish Government's climate change targets.

Climate change programme (PDF 1.4Mb)

More about our climate change policies and actions


Renewable energy

The UK Government supports the use of renewable energy sources for generating electricity and heat as part of its strategy for improving sustainability and reducing the impact of climate change. In Scotland, the Scottish Government has set a target of 100% of Scotland's gross annual electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

Forestry Commission Scotland is contributing to this target by: