Forestry Commission Scotland Management Board

Management Board Members

  • Jo O'Hara: Head of Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Jim Dewar: Head of Forestry Policy & Practice
  • Nicky Whitaker: Head of Corporate Services
  • Brendan Callaghan: Head of Delivery and Regions
  • Rosetta Forbes: Head of HR Scotland
  • Paul Munro: Secretary to the Management Board
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Purpose of the Management Board

A monitoring and decision-making forum, maintaining an overview of FCS business systems and administrative arrangements.

Key functions


The Management Board will be the forum for discussing and agreeing spending plan submissions, annual budgets and for monitoring progress against budgets at the FCS level.

Personnel Issues

The Board will discuss the application at FCS level of FC-wide personnel management policies, will provide feedback to Director Human Resources and consider issues such as training, reporting standards and the implementation of Forestry Commission-wide initiatives.

Service Boards

The Board will liaise with FCS's representatives on service boards.


The Board should ensure that the main committees and meetings which are important to FCS remain relevant and should discuss and agree the agenda for meetings of the National Committee for Scotland.

Ministerial/Scottish Government Links

The Board should discuss and co-ordinate FCS contacts with other Scottish Government departments and consider the programme of Ministerial submissions, briefings and visits.

Frequency of Meetings

The aim will be to meet each month, but this may be varied according to the availability of members and the number of agenda items.


The secretary will produce a brief minute of the meeting, recording the main discussion points and any actions arising.