Our management and structure

Details of who funds us, our management, governance and structure.

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Who are we?

  • Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) - part of Scottish Government that takes care of forestry policy.
  • Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) - an agency of the Forestry Commission, managing Scotland's National Forest Estate.
  • Shared services and Forest Research support Forestry Commission Scotland.

Our mission statement

To protect and expand Scotland's forests and woodlands and increase their value to society and the environment.

Funding and direction

The Scottish Parliament approves our funding. Scottish Ministers -  through our Board of Commissioners and our National Committee for Scotland - direct our work. 

Working with the Scottish Government

We work with the Scottish Government to deliver the Scottish Forestry Strategy. Our work helps in other areas, too. Forestry is good for the environment and climate change, energy, biodiversity and healthy living. It also contributes to rural transport as well as tourism and education.

Open data policy

We also support the Scottish Government’s Open Data Strategy. Our Open Data Publication Plan (PDF 1MB) lets other people make use of some of the data we hold. This helps people to understand how we work and offers opportunities to use the data in new ways to create social and economic benefits

FCS management and structure

Scotland Executive Board

The Scotland Executive Board comprises senior officers from FCS and FES. Together, they decide upon issues that are relevant to both arms of the organisation.

Advisory Bodies

We co-ordinate the Scottish Forestry Forum and five Regional Forestry Forums. The forums advise us on a broad range of forestry matters.

A Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) whose role is to adjudicate on disputed applications for grants or felling licences and in disputes by statutory bodies arising from Forest Enterprise Scotland design plans.