Register of felling licences and Forestry Grant Scheme

This register contains details of Felling Licence applications and Forestry Grant Scheme applications for Woodland Creation, Agroforestry and Forest Plans

Note: Details of new or amended Forest Design Plans and amendments to legacy grant schemes are displayed in the register of legacy grant schemes and FDP

Cases that appear on this register

The types of cases displayed (when we are prepared to approve them) are:

  • Felling Licences
  • Forestry Grant Scheme Woodland Creation
  • Forestry Grant Scheme Agroforestry
  • Forestry Grant Scheme Forest Plan
  • Amendment to Forestry Grant Scheme Woodland Creation
  • Amendment to Forestry Grant Scheme Agroforestry
  • Amendment to Forestry Grant Scheme Forest Plan

Information displayed on the register

The register of Grant Schemes shows:

  • Case reference number with link to map or details of the proposal
  • Property name
  • Case type
  • Total area
  • Conifer (based upon Option area)
  • Broadleaf (based upon Option area)
  • Status (not for FGS applications or amendments)
  • Conservancy
  • Local Authority
  • Nearest Town
  • Grid
  • End Date

Felling Licences

Felling Licence cases that the Forestry Commission is prepared to approve are displayed on the register. These cases are marked as "FPR". The status changes to "CNT" when we approve the application and details are again displayed.

FGS Woodland Creation and Agroforestry options

You will see details of these Forestry Grant Scheme applications only if the area of the option within the proposal is greater than 2 hectares.  Only application data for cases we are prepared to approve is displayed.

FGS Woodland Improvement Grant – Long Term Forest Planning

These applications are put on this register after the preparation of the Plan has been approved and the draft Forest Plan has been submitted to Forestry Commission Scotland for assessment.

Please note that most applications are for work that will take place on private land and you may need permission to enter the area even if the case is listed on the register.

How to use this register

When you access this register, you’ll see a map page that shows Forestry Commission Conservancy boundaries. Choose any Forestry Commission Conservancy area to search. Click an area on the map, or use the text links on the right of the page.

Click on the reference number of a particular case to get a location map of the case area

How to get details of the application

To get more details of cases on this register, email the relevant Forestry Commission Scotland Conservancy office quoting the application reference number.

If the copy is large, or if copies are requested regularly, we may charge a fee for this service.

How and when to submit comments

Details about individual cases are displayed on this register for 28 days from the date they first appear. Please submit your comments about applications during this period to the relevant Forestry Commission Scotland Conservancy office by email or in writing. As part of the approval process we consider all comments received, in consultation with the applicant and, if appropriate, the application may be amended or rejected.

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