Forestry Grant Scheme

The Forestry Grant Scheme offers financial support for the creation of new woodland and the sustainable management of existing woodland.

Within the scheme's eight categories, there are a range of support options covering planting, woodland protection, harvesting and more.

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You can find out more about the scheme and apply for a grant through the Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Services website, where you'll also find full guidance on how to make an application.

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Forestry Grant Scheme updates

Below, you will find formal updates released during the grant scheme lifecycle.

Latest updates

This practice guide has been developed by FCS, SEPA, SNH and Confor to help forest managers in identifying GWDTE and assessing the risk to them and their related groundwater flows.

Information on changes to General Binding Rules affecting forest road construction and maintenance, requiring land managers to apply for a licence from SEPA to manage surface water run-off.

Updates on the budget situation and threshold scores for Forestry Grant Scheme applications as at April 2018.

Provides information on the new Small Native Woodlands Operational Plan and outlines changes to the existing Woodland Creation Operational Plan.

Previous updates

Rural Payments and Services IT system

Current list of known issues on the Rural Payments and Services IT system for the Forestry Grant Scheme. Updated 16 August 2017

Known issues in the Rural Payments and Services computer system which have been resolved. Updated 16 August 2017

Please read these hints and tips (PDF 79K) to help with your application.