Halkshill and Blair Park

An application has been made to Central Scotland Conservancy of Forestry Commission Scotland under the Environmental Impact Assessment (Forestry) (Scotland) Regulations 1999 for tree planting and associated works (inc forest roads) on Halkshill and Blair Park Farms.

Halkshill is located immediately to the east of Largs in North Ayrshire and extends to the east along the Greeto and Gogo Waters.

Blair Park is located to the south of Halkshill and north of the A760 Largs to Kilbirnie Road, and extends northwards to the southern boundary of Halkshill.

The Environmental Statement was subject to a statutory 28 day consultation period between 21 June 2016 and 19 July 2016. Following representations from the statutory bodies, stakeholders and interested parties, Forestry Commission Scotland decided the project could not be granted consent due to potential unacceptable and significant adverse impacts.

You can view copies of all the original received representations on Dropbox.

Since then, the applicant has sought to address the outstanding significant adverse impacts. The applicant has prepared additional environmental information in support of an amended project. The additional environmental information or addenda will be publicly available for review and comment from the 21 March to the 18 April 2018:

Proposal summary

Halkshill and Blair Park are two large and adjacent upland livestock farms extending to 1,397 ha in total. Within the total farm area, 501 ha (or 36%) is proposed for afforestation with 865 ha retained as open ground. Of the total area of afforestation, 395 ha will be planted with conifers and 106 ha with native broadleaves.

Environmental Statement

You can download the full Environmental Statement and the additional environmental information in the form of addenda from Dropbox. Please note: you don’t have to sign up to access these files – just chose ‘continue to view’.

Environmental Statement extracts