Regional forestry forums

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) has established five Regional Forestry Forums to advise on forestry policy and practice in their areas. These forums replace the previous Regional Advisory Committees as regional advisory bodies to FCS. They are

Each forum has 12–15 members, representing the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainable development. Their term of office is for three years.

Both FCS and Forest Enterprise Scotland have a seat on each forum. The chair and two other members represent each of the regional forums on the Scottish Forestry Forum.

The roles of the regional forums are:

  • to advise on regional implementation of the Scottish Forestry Strategy and provide a regional perspective on the Strategy’s future development;
  • to develop close relationships with the forest industries regional cluster groups;
  • to promote the principle of local forestry frameworks, indicative forestry strategies, and other woodland strategies; their development and implementation;
  • to advise FCS on the suitability of frameworks and strategies which are in preparation;
  • to advise Forest Enterprise Scotland on Forest District Strategic Plans; and
  • Where possible, provide linkages with Community Planning Partnerships.

Meeting three times a year, each regional forum establishes its own priorities and sets up smaller working groups to take forward specific issues. For example, the Woods in and Around Towns (WIAT) initiative will be of particular importance in the Central Scotland Forum but also relevant to other forums.