Forestry forums

Regional Forestry Forums

Forestry Commission Scotland has five Regional Forestry Forums (RFFs). The remit of the forums is to:

  • advise on forestry policy and practice in respective forum areas;
  • advise on the regional implementation of the Scottish Forestry Strategy; and
  • provide a regional perspective on the strategy’s future development.

Each RFF has 12–15 members who represent the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainable development. They have a term of office for three years. Both Forestry Commission Scotland and Forest Enterprise Scotland have a seat on each forum. The chair and two other members represent each of the regional forums on the Scottish Forestry Forum.

Meeting three times a year, each regional forum establishes its own priorities and sets up smaller working groups to take forward specific issues. The forums are:

Scottish Forestry Forum

The Chairs of the Regional Forestry Forums meet annually as a Scottish Forestry Forum (SFF). In addition larger meetings of the SFF, with wider stakeholder representation, are held when necessary to:

  • promote discussion about how to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits of forestry in Scotland;
  • to consider how Scottish forestry can best contribute to the wider rural development agenda in Scotland; and
  • to ensure that progress is made in delivering the Scottish Forestry Strategy.

The SFF and RFFs also play a role in disseminating information about implementing the Scottish Forestry Strategy, identifying areas where more effort is needed.

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