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Floating pier helps Scotland’s rural economy

A new pier in Ardcastle helps unlock £10m worth of timber.

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Tackling climate change with trees

Scotland's forests are a vital tool in the country's response to climate change. Forestry Commission Scotland is committed to ensuring our woodland realises its carbon-capturing potential.

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New Procurement Strategy

Stakeholders and members of the public are invited to comment on our draft Procurement Strategy.

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Modern forestry benefits the Nightjar

Modern forestry techniques are helping the Nightjar thrive.

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White-tailed eagles flourishing on the National Forest Estate

One of our biggest success stories – white-tailed eagles were extinct but are now living in Scotland after successful re-introduction.

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Calling all budding photographers

Budding photographers wanted to capture Scotland's autumn colours.

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The benefits of woodland creation

Creating new woodland has many benefits including helping mitigate climate change and restoring lost habits.

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Forestry isn’t just about growing trees

An inspirational exhibition showcasing examples of how Scottish timber can be used in design and construction is touring Scotland.

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Success story for Capercaillie in Strathspey

We are proud to have scooped a top award in recognition 15 years of work to integrate timber production and recreation with capercaillie conservation.

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