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Exciting times for Scottish forestry

“These are exciting times for forestry in Scotland” was the message from Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity to FCS Conservancy staff.

Mr Ewing visited each of the five Conservancies – in Dumfries, Hamilton, Perth, Huntly and Dingwall – to meet with staff to thank them for their work, listen to their hopes and concerns for the future and share his vision for a growing Scottish forestry sector.

fergus ewing portrait

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Woodland activity programme for people with early stage dementia

Green prescriptions by doctors and other health professionals could be a valuable way of helping older people reap the benefits of outdoor recreation and remain active.

 dementia a5 leaflet 2016 callendar wood page 111

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Managing diffuse pollution

A new video on following good forestry practice to improve water management has been added to the suite of tools on the Forestry & Water Scotland web site.

Good water management helps reduce diffuse pollution risks from forestry operations. This benefits the forest environment and wider landscape, helps compliance with water regulations and the UK Forestry Standard, and plays a key part in managing a forest sustainably.

forestry staff

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Rare moss found in new sites on the National Forest Estate

A rare moss has been found in several new sites on the National Forest Estate. Buxbaumia viridis, or Green Shield-moss, is a nationally scarce moss and rated as endangered.

The moss differs to almost every other moss in that its leaves are not visible – only the distinct bright green fruiting body can be seen over winter, from November until April.  It prefers logs where there are areas of bare bark or little competition from other bryophytes.

green shield mossedited

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International Peat Society Convention

Over 150 people from 20 countries across the world came together in Scotland at the recent International Peat Society Convention in Aberdeen. As part of this, they visited two sites on the National Forest Estate to look at forestry issues around managing deep peat in woodlands.

gow moss ips convention visit 30 may 2017edited

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Growing trees on farms

The beneficial impact of growing trees on farms was highlighted at a Soil Association Scotland event in Dumfries in June.

 barfil june groupedited

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Pine Martens thriving in Galloway

Foresters in Galloway FD identified a unique opportunity to record a natal den site of Pine Martens as part of a project to increase Pine Marten survival.

female moving kit to nursery denedited

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Review of forestry planting approval procedures June 2017

Jim Mackinnon submitted his up-dated review of progress in implementing the recommendations to reduce the complexity, duration and cost of woodland creation applications.


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Dog owners should visit local woodlands and green space to boost health

New research has shown how dog owners can keep themselves and their dogs happier and healthier by walking more often in woods around towns and cities. 

ap ninewellsdogwalker edited

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