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Successful sector-wide initiative on managing water

Water pic

An initiative that ensures that water management is a top priority in forestry operations has been helping to cut diffuse pollution throughout the year.

Set up in late 2016, the Forestry & Water Scotland initiative has raised awareness of the issue by providing forest managers and contractors with the information they need to better manage the sites they are working on.

Dr Julia Garritt, FCS Land Use Practice Advisor, said;

“Through a combination of digital and printed multi-lingual media, hundreds of managers, contractors and practitioners now have a better understanding of how to manage water on forestry sites.

“The guidance covers forestry activities such as ground preparation, drainage, road building, and using fuels, pesticides and fertilisers. Our most recent guidance is about how to protect public and private water supplies, and groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystems, during forestry activities.”

Forestry Commission Scotland – as the lead partner in the initiative - has enjoyed the support of a range of forestry bodies, including Confor, the UK Forest Products Association and the Forestry Contractors Association.

The initiative has also benefited from staff meetings that have included SEPA and Scottish Water staff, that have allowed people with shared interests to discuss how working practices can resolve local issues.