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New Forestry and Water guidance

New guidance outlining precautions that Scottish Water would like to see taken when forestry activities are undertaken in source water catchments and areas with public drinking water infrastructure (assets) is now available on the Scottish Water website and the Forestry and Water Scotland website.


The guidance helps forest managers understand what extra precautions should be taken in source water catchments to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation.

It will form part of the toolkit on the Forestry and Water Scotland website which brings together new and established resources to help forest owners, managers and practitioners to follow good forestry practice to improve water management on their sites.

FCS Land Use Practice Advisor, Julia Garritt, said: “It’s hugely important that forestry activities don’t pollute the catchments from which public water is drawn, or damage the Scottish Water infrastructure that makes it safe to drink, because they supply drinking water for 97% of the Scottish public. This new guidance shows easy steps to follow and how to get useful information from Scottish Water to help in pre-application discussions and for operations in an existing forest.”