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Forestry isn’t just about growing trees

An inspirational exhibition launched at the Festival of Architecture is now touring Scotland, showcasing the best of architecture in Scotland, including examples of how Scottish timber can be used in design and construction.

Scottish timber is a fantastic sustainable resource – it’s an endlessly flexible, versatile and adaptable material to work with – and there’s probably no end to the inventive ways that it can be glued, bent, carved, formed and shaped into something new.


timber dev 3We work in partnership behind the scenes with businesses and people to develop and promote exciting ways to use Scottish timber.

An example of this is Wood for Good, which promotes the increased use of timber in the construction industry.


In Scotland, 75% of new houses are built in timber and the forestry sector is working with the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre to inspire more energy efficient, cost effective timber based houses for Scotland and beyond.

 timber building

Using timber in construction results in beautiful places to live and work. It is also versatile, easy to build, energy efficient and good for the environment to boot – producing sustainably sourced  timber uses less energy and releases less CO2 into the atmosphere than most other building materials, not to mention all the carbon stored away when we lock it up in timber construction.

timber dev 5

We have also published guidance for people who want to source and specify local timber.


The fantastic work of Scottish architects using timber in construction is celebrated on an annual basis by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. All the submissions for the award are presented as an exhibition created by Architecture and Design Scotland at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

If you’d like to see the difference that design and architecture can make to Scottish communities, or want to check out some award-winning buildings, places and communities, check out the FCS sponsored exhibitions, Best of the Best and Scotstyle.

They are hugely inspirational and will be lots of fun.

timber in construction