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Forestry and Water Scotland

A new initiative has been launched across the Scottish forestry sector to reduce diffuse pollution risk by improving forestry practice

The Forestry and Water Scotland initiative brings together new and established resources to help forest owners, managers and practitioners follow good forestry practice to improve water management on their sites.

Two new resources just published are the Know the Rules bookletand Keep Your Distance vehicle sticker. Both contain straightforward messages to help Operators to raise the bar on how forestry operations are planned, communicated and managed to protect the water environment.


The aim is to manage water flow through a site so that forestry operations don’t create surface water run-off and the soil erosion and downstream pollution that can follow. The booklet and vehicle sticker outline key steps to do this, by identifying and managing high risk sites and operations, ensuring site good drainage, using buffer areas to protect watercourses, and ensuring everyone is aware of the rules.


Dr Julia Garritt, Land Use Practice Advisor for Forestry Commission Scotland said: “We urge forest managers and operators to use this material. Good water management helps reduce diffuse pollution risks from forestry operations. In turn this benefits the forest environment and wider landscape, helps compliance with water regulations and the UK Forestry Standard, and plays a key part in managing a forest sustainably.”

Partners in the initiative are FCS, SEPA, Confor, Forestry Contractors Association and Scottish Government and it is endorsed by the Diffuse Pollution Management Advisory Group (DPMAG), a partnership that focuses on protecting and improving Scotland's water environment by reducing rural diffuse pollution.

The resources are available to download or copies are available via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..