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Future of Land Management and Community & Visitor Services

We have begun an internal consultation on new organisational structures in Forest Enterprise Scotland. The proposal focuses on how we organise our Land Management and Community & Visitor Services.

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The proposal will simplify and clarify our management structures, strengthening the connection between national and local management. It will see the formation of a dedicated visitor services team, further emphasising our commitment to community engagement. Local management of the National Forest Estate will be led by five regional managers, who will also be part of the national management team. 

The proposal will not result in the closure of any local offices and will not reduce our local presence, helping to continue our commitment to work with stakeholders and communities on the ground.

This change is not a result of forestry devolution, but it will help us to respond effectively and consistently to policy priorities as we become more closely connected to the Scottish Government. It provides a basis to further build national and local accountability and transparency.

This change does not impact on our mission or delivery objectives.

We value working with you and all of our stakeholders and I believe the changes proposed will help us to do that more effectively and more consistently. We will share more with you once our internal consultation has concluded.


Simon Hodge – CEO, Forest Enterprise Scotland