Clean up your dog's mess

School Children are urging dog owners who visit Bennachie to clean up after their dogs!

Pupils from Chapel of Garioch primary school are teaming up with Forestry Commission Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council Ranger Service to tell people how important it is to bag it and bin it.

The call comes after increasing numbers of complaints from other users.

The Commission’s Recreation & Communities Ranger for the area, Emily Holmes, said:

“Bennachie is a really beautiful place to explore, whether you are walking, running cycling, horse riding, or exploring with your kids. Children also regularly use this forest with outdoor education classes to explore and learn and to build their confidence in the natural environment.

“However all of this really good activity is being spoiled because some irresponsible dog owners are not clearing up after their animals.

“It’s a basic lack of courtesy and consideration and probably a sign of laziness – especially when free bags are available in the Bennachie centre and there is a bin in the car park.

"Local schools and nurseries, including Chapel of Garioch school, regularly use this forest to explore and learn and to build their confidence in the natural environment.

“We’re not prepared to put up with dog mess and are urging all dog owners to clean up their act.”

Chapel of Garioch School are going to carry out a litter pick at Bennachie at 13:30 on Tuesday 9th June as part of their John Muir award. They will be helping to remove the dog bags that get left on paths and hanging in trees that many people leave behind.

These are not only unsightly, In addition to being a foul smelling and unsightly mess. Dog poo may contain various organisms and parasites such as E. coli, tapeworm, and roundworm and toxocariasis, which can spread diseases – and be particularly harmful to children.

Emily added;

“It’s a real shame that the few irresponsible owners are giving all dog owners a bad name. The majority are very good at cleaning up after their animal and we hope that they’ll help us to spread the message to keep our forest clean.”

Over the coming weeks we’ll be at Bennachie regularly to answer any questions and concerns about cleaning up after your dog, and raise awareness about the importance of cleaning up after your dog.

The dog warden can issue £40 fines if you are found to be allowing dog fouling without cleaning it up.

Please Clean up after your dog.

Notes to editors

  1. Forestry Commission Scotland is part of the Scottish Government's Environment and Forestry Directorate.
  2. Tha FCS pàirt de Bhuidheann-Stiùiridh Àrainneachd is Coilltearachd aig Riaghaltas na h-Alba; a' riaghladh nan 660,000 heactairean ann an Oighreachd na Coille Nàiseanta, a' dìon, a' cumail smachd air, agus a' leudachadh choilltean gus buannachdan a choileanadh dha coimhearsnachdan, dhan eaconamaidh agus ag obair an aghaidh atharrachadh sa ghnàth-shìde.
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