Updates to the North Clydesdale Forests

Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) is renewing its Land Management Plans for Heathland, Woodmuir, West Forth, Kingshill and The Mosses collectively under one plan for the North Clydesdale Forests and is seeking feedback from members of the public.

Although there will be no significant changes to most of the area, there will be some modifications to help with biodiversity and improving the look and feel of some of the woodlands. Members of the public, community groups, walkers or anyone else who uses the forests for recreation and enjoyment are encouraged to view the proposed plans and feedback to FES with any suggestions or concerns over the improvements.

West Forth proposals see the most notable change with small-scale planting taking place on some of its open spaces. Planting would be with mainly native broadleaved trees which will help improve the woodland experience for visitors and biodiversity within the woodland. 

Similar to West Forth, it is proposed Kingshill will continue its ongoing establishment of broadleaved habitats along watercourses, to improve the look and feel of the forest and also help enhance biodiversity. 

For Heathland, the updated Land Management Plan ensures the continued management of the forest preserving its valuable timber resource. The plan proposes to progress the idea of creating broadleaved forest habitat along watercourses, build on improvements already made along roadsides to improve the view for the travelling public and propose the removal of the mature Larch trees at Wilsontown Glen. These will be replaced with native species to help with safety, plant health and biodiversity within the area.

Stewart Towers, planning forester at Forest Enterprise Scotland, said: “Revising the Land Management Plan for woodlands is common and sometimes essential to continue to deliver an attractive and safe woodland to the area. Once complete, the woodlands will offer a more varied greenspace and improve the overall visitor experience.

“Regular visitors will see little disruption over the course of the upgrades and we will be working with users to ensure their access is not hindered. These works will help to ensure the woodlands are suitable for everyone in the area to enjoy.”

To view a copy of the plan, please visit www.forestry.gov.uk/landmanagementplans then view current consultations and select North Clydesdale Land Management Plan.

For further information or to give feedback, please contact Stewart Towers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0300 067 6700.

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