Treat Your Dog to a Walk in the Woods

Forest Enterprise Scotland is encouraging dog walkers to take man’s best friend to their local woodland and experience all what the forest has to offer.

Most woodlands are just on our doorstep, with perfect paths and tracks for taking a stroll. Many people opt to take their pooch to the park forgetting that their local woodland is a great place to take their canine on an adventure. 

Research suggests owning a dog and spending just 15 – 30 minutes with one makes us feel calm and reduces stress. It increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain which relate to the feeling of tranquillity. 

Julie McAlpine, Forest Enterprise Scotland’s Community Engagement and Employment Skills Manager, said:

“Not only are dogs a great companion they also encourage us to get up and get active. With over 40 woodlands across Central Scotland there is no excuse not to take your dog on an exciting stroll through the forest. There are easy paths for little legs, and for the bounding hound there are longer more substantial walks.”

Julie told us some of the best Forest Enterprise Scotland spots for talking your dog on a wander:

Walk through Callendar Wood where every path you and your furry friend take can lead to a piece of history. Take the easy Yew Trail, perfect for those who are not strong walkers, and catch a glimpse of the Forbes family mausoleum from the 1800’s.

Devilla Wood covers 700 hectares of forest, take any of the paths that weave through one of the largest pine forests in lowland Scotland and your pooch will be in its element exploring.

Not only can you get a peaceful stroll through the woodlands at Boden Boo but you can also get a stunning view of the River Clyde by the small beach. Find a twig or two and have a game of fetch on this small area of sand.

For a wide range of walks head to Cuningar Loop with 2.5 km of easily accessible flat paths, seating dotted throughout the park and the Wee Cabin Café available for hot or cold food and drink. Walk the boardwalk that winds along the River Clyde for a beautiful view.

Julie continues:

“With the wide range of path networks that the woodlands have there is no excuse not to bring your dog to your local woodland. Whether it is a short legged Yorkie or an adventurous Husky there is something for all canines – just remember to pick up after them.”

To find out where your local woodland is and information on path networks visit:

Notes to editors

  1. Forest Enterprise Scotland is an agency of Forestry Commission Scotland and manages the National Forest Estate on behalf of Scottish Ministers.
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