Norwegian veterans remember fallen comrades at Glenmore


A Norwegian armed forces veterans will, on Armistice Day, commemorate the lives and bravery of his fallen comrades with a visit to Forest Enterprise Scotland’s Glenmore Visitor Centre.

The Visitor Centre is the location of a memorial stone dedicated to the Norwegian commandoes – Kompani Linge – who were based in Glenmore and who trained in the Cairngorm mountains during World War II.

Mr Erling Lorentzen is one of the last surviving members of Kompani Linge, whose sabotage teams carried out many daring raids and sorties behind enemy lines. Perhaps the most notable was the successful raided the Norsk Hydro heavy water plant, which foiled Nazi attempts to develop the atomic bomb.

Brian Duff, for the Forest Enterprise team in the area, said;

“As the years go by there are fewer of these men left to mark the exceptional acts that were carried out by the Norwegian commandoes. There were many missions behind enemy lines but none more important than that which prevented the Nazi completion of the atomic bomb. 

“We have had the honour of welcoming veterans here before but this year we are very privileged to join Mr Lorentzen for a very poignant Armistice Day commemoration at Glenmore.

“The wartime exploits of the Kompani – and the strong links these men forged with the people of the area – led the Strathspey Community to erect the memorial stone in 1973.

“Since that day a Norwegian flag has flown outside the Visitor Centre and we are proud to maintain the memorial as a permanent reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of those men.  Without their dedication to duty and without their sacrifice, the course of history would have run very differently.”

The party will include Norwegian Consulate General, Mona Røhne, special forces soldiers, Lars Kristian Lauritzen and Thomas Adam, Eirik Kistoffersen (Deputy Chief of Norwegian Special Operations Executive Command) and Johan Brun (retired Major General, Norwegian armed forces).

As well as rekindling memories at several locations in the area, Mr Lorentzen and his party will later in the week travel to London to attend a commemoration service at the Special Forces Monument by Lambeth Palace in London’s Southbank.

The monument, a bust of Special Operations Executive agent Violette Szabo, honours all SOE personnel who served behind enemy lines during the war. A plaque on its northern face is dedicated to the Heroes of Telemark, the Kompani Linge men who sabotaged the Norsk Hydro heavy water plant.

A filmmaker and photographer from the Norwegian Broadcasting corporation will also be in attendance to capture lasting memories of the occasion.


Kompani Linge being inspected in Glenmore by Norwegian monarch, King Haakon VII 

Kompani Linge took its name in honour of commanding officer, Captain Martin Linge, who was killed in action in December 1941. 

In its five-year existence, the entire unit only convened once - on June 28th 1945 - to march past King Haakon VII at the Royal Palace in Oslo. At this stage the Kompani consisted of 245 men.

Kompani Linge was disbanded two days later. Of the 530 men who served with Kompani Linge during the war, 53 were killed in action. 

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