New myForest services launched in Scotland

Forestry Commission Scotland, Royal Scottish Forestry Society and the Sylva Foundation have come together to help foster sustainable forest management in Scotland.

A suite of dedicated forest management tools are now available to support woodland owners and managers in Scotland via the Sylva Foundation’s myForest service. 

Forestry Commission Scotland has made available their new management planning template which is now embedded into myForest, while the Royal Scottish Forestry Society is offering discounted membership for myForest users.   

myForest is an existing online platform for woodland owners and managers which aims to support sustainable forest management.  This free service now includes Forestry Commission Scotland’s new management planning template which can be used for woodlands under 100ha.

myForest provides three applications to help woodland owners:

• Woodland Manager: allows owners to produce maps, store information and produce management plans.

• Business Directory: allows owners to easily link to other businesses in the forestry sector.

• Woodland Star Rating: a self-evaluation tool to measure how woodland management activities match up to the United Kingdom Forestry Standard.

Chris Stark, Forestry Commission Scotland’s SRDP Technical Support Officer said:

“A management plan is the basis of good woodland stewardship and management plans are a requirement to allow woodland owners to access grant funding under the new Forestry Grant Scheme. We recognise that many of Scotland’s forests are managed by professional agents due to their size or complexity, but we are hoping that myForest will encourage and support more woodland owners to bring their woodlands into active management.”

Also from the 30th September, both existing and new users of the myForest Service will be eligible to join the Royal Scottish Forestry Society at a discounted rate. The offer is open to anyone who has signed up to the myForest Service providing that they have not recently been a member of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society. Full details about the offers are available via the myForest website:

James Hepburne Scott, Royal Scottish Forestry Society Vice-President, said:

"The Society is delighted to be able to partner with Sylva and Forestry Commission Scotland to provide access for present and new members to the woodland management support systems developed by the Sylva Foundation and enjoyed by many woodland owners South of the border."

Paul Orsi, the Sylva Foundation’s Director for Forestry said:

“myForest already supports some 3000 woodland owners across Britain but until now we were unable to provide services specifically designed to support Scottish woodland owners and managers.  As the Sylva Foundation does not have members we are delighted to be working with RSFS who provide membership support.  As a charity registered in Scotland these developments are important steps forward in our work supporting good woodland management.”

Notes for Editors:

Sylva Foundation is a charity working across Britain caring for forests, to ensure they thrive for people and for nature, and supporting innovation in home-grown wood.  myForest is a project of the Sylva Foundation. Contact: Paul Orsi, Director of Forestry, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Forestry Commission Scotland advises and implements forestry policy to protect and expand Scotland's forests and to increase their value to society and the environment. Contact: Chris Stark SRDP Technical Support Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Royal Scottish Forestry Society (incorporating the Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society) was founded in 1854. It is devoted to the advancement of forestry and arboriculture in all its branches.  Its members come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, welcoming both professionals and amateurs. Contact: Alistair Harding, Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.