Keep it Clean campaign launched to keep trees healthy

Everyone who works in or visits Scotland’s forests can help the ongoing effort to keep our forests and trees healthy, says Forestry Commission Scotland.

The simple message behind the Commission’s new ‘Keep It Clean’ campaign is that arriving at woodlands with clean boots, tyres and kit, such as tools or walking poles, can help slow the spread of tree pests and diseases.

Environment Minister, Dr Aileen McLeod, said;  

“This is a very simple idea that could have a very big impact on tree health.

“Our forests are a vital environmental, economic, social and cultural resource and we should all willingly play our part in doing what we can to protect them.

“Keeping it clean is a fundamental message that we should all support - the people who visit and work in woodlands are key to protecting our trees.”

The simple advice to ‘Keep It Clean’ asks people to take a few minutes before visiting a woodland to clean dirt and mud off boots, tyres, kit and pets - and to make this a habit before every woodland visit.

The campaign offers landowners and managers different free-to-download versions of a graphic, as well as a short free-to-use promotional film, to promote the Keep It Clean message. 

This message is also being promoted using social media.

Dr Anna Brown, the Forestry Commission Scotland’s Head of Tree Health, said;

“Practising good biosecurity is one of the key aspects of preventing the spread of tree pest and diseases.”

“One of the ways that they can arrive in a healthy forest is to be carried there in mud and forest debris that gets stuck on people’s boots or bicycle tyres, or even on dog’s paws and horse’s hooves.”

“We’re encouraging anyone involved in land or forest management to download the graphic and make use of the promotional film to help spread the message and make people aware of the importance of their role in keeping our forests and trees healthy.”

Anyone looking to make use of the new graphic – either for site signage or for inclusion in trade magazines, staff newsletters or public facing publications - can obtain the device, and guidance on how to use it, online.

Notes to editors

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