Forest vandalism at Clashindarroch

Forest Enterprise Scotland has called in the police to help trace a vandal who is attempting to sabotage efforts to conserve Scottish Wildcats.

Police Scotland has been advised that a number of catch and release traps – part of an exercise to determine vole population levels in Clashindarroch Forest – had been opened up, emptied and discarded.

Voles are a main prey animal for wildcats.

This latest act of sabotage follows the theft of camera traps earlier this year.

Kenny Kortland, Species Ecologist with Forest Enterprise Scotland, said;

“Vandalism of this sort is clearly against the spirit of the Scotland Outdoor Access Code and, more importantly, is an attempt to disrupt our efforts, as part of Scottish Wildcat Action, to help conserve Scotland’s endangered and dwindling wildcat population.

“Whoever did this obviously has no interest in saving wildcats - these traps were well hidden so not discovered by accident and it would seem like a deliberate act of sabotage.

“We would urge anyone with any information about this crime to contact the police.”

Anyone with any information or knowledge of the crime is urged to contact police Scotland on 101 and quote incident reference 1336-25/9/18.

Notes to editors

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