Felling work at Kilmun Arboretum and Corlarach to tackle tree disease

Forest Enterprise Scotland is advising members of the public that closures and temporary diversions are required at Kilmun Arboretum and Corlarach as felling operations are ongoing over the next month.

The emergency felling is required to remove trees infected with Phytophthora ramorum, a disease which has recently been detected.

The removal of infected trees and those surrounding them helps to minimise and slow down the spread of the disease.
Due to the location of the larch trees in Kilmun Arboretum, the carpark and trails will be closed completely for the duration of the felling and timber extraction (6 August to 31 August).

In Corlarach, the Corlarach Loop will be closed from 13th August to 1st August 2019. The Corlarach route is already diverted due to ongoing harvesting operations and diversion remain in place throughout the new harvesting works. Ardyne carpark will remain open and diversions for Chinese Pond route will be in place.

To help prevent the spread of the disease, users are being asked to follow the ‘Keep it Clean’ guidelines and wash footwear, bikes, kit and dogs paws before and after visiting.

Fraser MacDonald, for the FES team in Glenbranter, said:

“This disease is fatal to larch and we need to remove affected trees, and nearby trees that are potentially already infected, to try and limit the disease spreading even further. 

“There will be plenty of advisory signage in place with information on the disease and some of our ‘keep it Clean’ biosecurity advice about cleaning boots, walking poles and equipment when visitors leave the site.

“The spores that cause this disease can be carried to new sites in the mud on boots, wheels and paws, so it’s imperative that people take the time to ‘Keep it Clean’ and help us prevent the further spread of this disease.”

There will be regular updates on the Argyll Forest Park website and we will advise when the sites are open again.

Notes to editors

  1. Forest Enterprise Scotland is an agency of the Forestry Commission and manages the National Forest Estate on behalf of Scottish Ministers.
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