By 2020, we aim to have 1.15GW of wind energy capacity and about 50MW of hydro energy capacity installed. We're working with commercial and community partners to realise the Estate's renewable potential. Some developments are up and running, others are planned. We're to look for more opportunities.

Assessing development potential

Commercial developers and communities have been offered opportunities to look at development potential. Surveys check site viability. They look at soils, steepness, vegetation, visibility, aviation, telecommunications links and accessibility.

Planning and consent process

Renewable energy developments need to be sensitive to the environment. All projects go through a well-established planning and consent process and are subject to environmental scrutiny.

All projects are environmentally scrutinised. We look at potential impact on landscapes, local communities and habitats. This includes other factors like interaction with aviation radar too.

We consult communities, neighbouring landowners, and statutory organisations (like Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Planning Authorities). We also operate under the Scottish Government Woodland Removal Policy. This means we plant trees elsewhere for areas felled because of renewable developments.

The policy is available as well as Guidance to FCS staff on implementing it.

Operational and pending developments

We list operational developments, those granted permission, and those working their way through the planning process. We update this list quarterly.

Good practice in wind farm construction

A working group have published guidance on good practice during wind farm construction. Members include Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Renewables, SNH, SEPA and representatives from the wind industry. The guidance covers pollution prevention, nature conservation, landscape, hydrological and related issues.