Land and other property is offered for sale as part of the overall management of Scotland's National Forest Estate - the land we manage for the nation on behalf of Scottish Ministers to help deliver the Scottish Forestry Strategy. The current policy in respect of disposals and acquisitions is set out in the New Woodland Investment Programme, which replaced the Repositioning Programme in January 2017.

New Woodland Investment Programme 2017

In January 2017 3,700 ha of properties were identified for disposal. These are identified on the 2017 notifications map (PDF 1.3MB) and the associated notifications schedule (PDF 200KB).

Repositioning Programme 2016-2017

The repositioning sales map (PDF 1.7MB) and the associated repositioning schedule (PDF 23KB) identify the woodlands that were identified for disposal in the 2016/17 financial year.

Some of the woodlands listed are the subject of community interest under CATS and we will not proceed further with these sales until the CATS process has been concluded.

The map and schedule include some woodlands which were part of earlier repositioning programmes but which were not sold. The Current sales page shows the plantations currently for sale.

Notification of disposals to communities and other bodies

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 gives communities the right to request to purchase, lease or for rights over public land. The Community Asset Transfer Scheme (CATS) sets out how Forest Enterprise Scotland will deliver the requirements of Act and how communities can make an Asset Transfer Request for any land or property on the National Forest Estate. We will also continue to notify communities of any proposed sale of land before it is offered for sale on the open market. Guidance on making a request is available on our CATS pages and the Scottish Government's Asset Transfer pages.

As an extension to CATS, Forest Enterprise Scotland will continue to give housing bodies and Non-Governmental Organisations the opportunity to acquire land notified for sale before it is offered for sale on the open market.

Current notifications are listed in the table below. Communities also have certain legal rights to apply to buy any land for sale under the community right to buy provisions.

Updated: 4 April 2018

  • No current notifications

Current sales

Property which has been notified under CATS, and which has not received any expressions of interest, is advertised for sale on the open market. The Current sales page shows all property currently on the open market for sale.

Sales that are not notified

Unless there is known community interest, we will not notify sales such as:

  • Sales of houses or other developed sites to the sitting tenant
  • Sales providing public benefit, such as road-widening schemes
  • Exchanges of forest or open land to rationalise boundaries or landholdings
  • Sales of small areas of land to the adjoining owner.

Boundary adjustments and sale or lease of small areas of land

Read our policy (PDF 70KB) on dealing with direct requests from neighbours or other private interests wishing to acquire part of the National Forest Estate.