All Forestry Commission forests are independently certified as being responsibly managed.

We’re regularly audited against the United Kingdom Woodland Assurance Standard – the standard endorsed in the UK by the international Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).


FSC logoPEFC logo


Certification helps protect forests, wildlife and people

Certification is part of an international movement that is committed to protecting forests and the wildlife and people that depend on them.

We all use forest products. Certification helps to ensure that we can continue to enjoy them – from paper to pencils, house timbers to charcoal, Christmas trees to venison.

When you shop: look out for the FSC and PEFC logos

The FSC and PEFC logos help you to decide whether the products you buy come from well managed forests, in Scotland and from other forests around the world.

The World Wildlife Fund recommends that you choose wood products bearing the FSC or PEFC logos. By looking out for the logos you can buy what you need without damaging the world’s forests; your power to influence how forests are managed worldwide.

Helping with the effects of a changing climate

By choosing wood products you are also helping to store carbon, helping reduce the impact of greenhouse gasses on the world’s climate and using a material that can be grown again, and again…

Forestry Commission Scotland are committed to certification

We’re proud that the forests we manage, your forests, have been certificated to FSC standards since 1999 and that we’ve been part of the PEFC scheme since 2010.

Further information on certification