Scotland’s forests are the most productive in the UK. Timber from the National Forest Estate is used for house building, fencing, paper and bio-fuel.

The timber industry is vital to our country and its economy. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s worth more to Scotland than the fishing industry, and provides more than 30,000 jobs across the wood production, forest management, haulage and processing sectors.

Green credentials

Forestry, however, is about much more than felling. For every tree that is cut down, more are planted. Research is carried out to combat disease and select the most suitable species, while foresters are introducing alternatives to clear-felling where possible. Forests are carefully managed to encourage the rich variety of wildlife that lives there – and to create a landscape that looks great too. Plus, our forests also helping to combat climate change by locking up carbon.

As a result, forestry is truly sustainable, meeting our needs today and leaving behind a national asset that’s in better shape for future generations.

e-Timber sales

We are major suppliers to the GB wood-panel, pulp and paper and saw-milling industries, as well as the emerging wood-energy markets.

Over one third of our annual production is sold on the open market. The majority of these sales are conducted electronically through our dedicated e-Timber sales website.

If you would like to purchase timber (including sawlogs, round fencing, small roundwood, firewood and woodfuel, hardwood and softwood), visit the site to find out how to register: