Kinloch Hills Forest lies on the east coast of Skye, close to the mainland. It has a total area of approximately 7400ha with 5100ha open land and 2300ha forest. The open area is the central hills with forest on the surrounding slopes. The north part of the forest at Kyle farm is mostly Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine that is being felled due to Dothistroma needle blight infection. The rest of Kinloch Hills has more varied structure and species distribution. Broadford forest close to Broadford town and is well used for recreation. The land holding runs down to the coast and is generally quite flat. The total area is 330ha of which 230ha is forest and 100ha is open ground. The 10 year plan is currently being renewed and we would welcome comments from interested parties on the draft proposals.

The plan is currently at draft stage and feedback would be appreciated before 2nd February 2018 in order to submit the final plan by the end of June.


  • Draft Plan Consultation: Deadline 2nd February 2018
  • Submission to Forestry Commission Scotland: 30th March 2018

Draft Documents

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If you would like more information or wish to provide feedback on the draft proposals please contact:

Ben Griffin
Planning Forester
Inverness, Ross & Skye Forest District
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