Tillygownie is 61ha, situated 5km south west of Banchory. It was purchased by Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) in 2012 and was previously being used as part of a mixed arable and pasture farming enterprise. The site is within the Water of Feugh river valley 1.5km north west of Strachan in Aberdeenshire. The land rises from south to north, that is it is south facing, and is adjacent to the FES managed Blackhall forest block.

Analysis of the available information has led to the primary objective for this land being the production of high quality timber.

In common with the management of all woodland in the National Forest Estate, the forest will be managed to meet the requirements of the UK forest standards. This will ensure that the plan area meets multiple land use objectives while utilising the intrinsic specific strengths of the location.

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During the development of the draft land management plan for Tillygownie we have consulted widely including with local community representatives and stakeholders known to have an interest in the plan area.

The plan has been approved and is now active. It is scheduled to be renewed in November 2028.

Land management plan documents and maps

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